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Here we are compiling a list of Runnymede Meccano Guild Magazine back-issues.

We have a limited stock of original copies of some recent issues still available. Check below to see what is in stock. Second editions of issues 1 to 20 are also available to purchase online.

Magazines will be shipped to you via Second Class Mail (UK) or International Standard Airmail (overseas).

If you wish to avoid postage and handling charges, and are in a position to collect your order at an RMG meeting or other event, please contact the Secretary with your request, and either send him a cheque, or arrange for cash on delivery. Please note that if you are ordering by this method from overseas, we can accept cash (Pounds Sterling or Euros only) or cheques drawn on a UK account. Please do not send foreign cheques.

Further subsequent back-issues will become available soon.

If you’d like to receive future issues, membership of the guild includes a three issue subscription!

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RMG Magazine Issue 82 (Original)

We are once again indebted to Roland Jaggard for the splendid cover of this issue. The model featured is the Mercedes Benz Bulk Cement Carrier that was awarded the Runnymede Shield at the June 2013 meeting.


RMG Magazine Issue 79 (Original)

The model on the front cover is a copy of the late Eric Schoolar’s Enigmatic Stabiliser. An introduction to this model appeared in our last issue.


RMG Magazine Issue 81 (Original)

The model of the Ploughing Engine on the front cover was built about 20 years ago by the late Russell King.


RMG Magazine Issue 78 (Original)

The model on the front cover is a fantasy model from the late Andreas Konkoly. It is his Supermodel No. 186, ‘Butterflies on a Carousel’. The instructions for building this model first appeared in our magazine Issue No. 22 for June 1993. I have now rewritten the instructions and produced colour photographs for this model.


RMG Magazine Issue 76 (Original)

The model on the front cover is another of those beautiful creations sculptured by Darren Bonner. This is is model of a John Fowler Class DNB Steam Roller. The model was awarded the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy at the June meeting of the Guild this year.


RMG Magazine Issue 75 (Original)

The model on the front cover of a Crawler Tractor was built by Richard Payn. It is based on the original designs of the late Eric Taylor. The model has been considerably refined, particularly to the gearbox and the track drives.


RMG Magazine Issue 74 (Original)

The model on the front cover of a Precision Centre Lathe was built by Derek Coare. For those of you with long memories, you may recall that Derek started this several years ago and we were treated to various components as they gradually took shape.


RMG Newsletter Issue 18 (Second Edition)

The front cover of this issue features Andreas Konkoly's Supermodel of the "Spanish Knight", of which full instructions appear in this issue.


RMG Newsletter Issue 15 (Second Edition)

The front cover of this issue is a sketch of the fighter which appears on page 10 of the 1991 Meccano Catalogue distributed by Atlascraft of Nottingham. The model can be built from a new No. 6 Outfit.


RMG Newsletter Issue 12 (Second Edition)

The cover for this edition is a copy of the postcard that I received from Christies of South Kensington advertising the Meccano Museum Auction, which was fully reported in our last Newsletter.