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RMG Magazine Issue 93 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

Our cover shows the Andy Knox model of the Kempton Park Great Engine superimposed over the original. Once again we have to thank Pete Wood for this computer imagery which was also used on the advertising posters prior to our exhibition there in November of last year. The original photograph was taken in 2015 when we exhibited our models in the lower area.


Story   Author
Lamborghini Countach — The Final Chapter (Part II)   Pete Wood
Cowes Hammerhead Crane   John Rogers
A Ransomes Sims and Jefferies 1930s Lawn Edging Machine   Darren Bonner
A Tribute to Joe Hand (1933–2016)    
Ferrari 488 Spider — A Step Too Far?   Chris Fry
Auto Glockenspiel   Simon Walker
A Doubled Meccano Tower Crane   Georg Eiermann
Spiralograph — Middle Model No. 6   Andreas Konkoly / Nick Rodgers
RMG at the Midhurst Modellers Exhibition   Jim MacCulloch
Differential Grab Hoist   Roger West
Gear Tooth Counter   Antonio Gual
RMG 30th Anniversary 30-Part Model Building Competition   Michael Conduit
New Members and Changes of Address    
An Excess of Meccano Parts   Philip Drew
Restoring Meccano   Howard Boder
Meeting Report — February 2017   Nick Rodgers
Diary Dates    

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