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Here we are compiling a list of Runnymede Meccano Guild Magazine back-issues.

We have a limited stock of original copies of some recent issues still available. Check below to see what is in stock. Second editions of issues 1 to 20 are also available to purchase online.

Magazines will be shipped to you via Second Class Mail (UK) or International Standard Airmail (overseas).

If you wish to avoid postage and handling charges, and are in a position to collect your order at an RMG meeting or other event, please contact the Secretary with your request, and either send him a cheque, or arrange for cash on delivery. Please note that if you are ordering by this method from overseas, we can accept cash (Pounds Sterling or Euros only) or cheques drawn on a UK account. Please do not send foreign cheques.

Further subsequent back-issues will become available soon.

If you’d like to receive future issues, membership of the guild includes a three issue subscription!

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RMG Newsletter Issues 1 to 10 (Second Edition)



RMG Newsletter Issue 20 (Second Edition)

The front cover is produced as a tribute to the late No. 10 Outfit, the last of which were produced at Calais in September.


RMG Newsletter Issue 19 (Second Edition)

The front cover is a sketch showing the simplicity of the pre-1933 Austin Seven Chassis.


RMG Newsletter Issue 18 (Second Edition)

The front cover of this issue features Andreas Konkoly's Supermodel of the "Spanish Knight", of which full instructions appear in this issue.


RMG Newsletter Issue 17 (Second Edition)

The front cover of this issue is a sketch of the Concorde model that we saw in the model room during our trip to Calais, and which appeared in the 1989 catalogue.


RMG Newsletter Issue 16 (Second Edition)

The front cover of this issue is a sketch of a Combine Harvester which appeared in the 1990 catalogue from Meccano France. It appears that the only non-Meccano parts are the "Ashtray" tyres.


RMG Newsletter Issue 15 (Second Edition)

The front cover of this issue is a sketch of the fighter which appears on page 10 of the 1991 Meccano Catalogue distributed by Atlascraft of Nottingham. The model can be built from a new No. 6 Outfit.


RMG Newsletter Issue 14 (Second Edition)

The illustrations on the cover of this issue are taken from the new 1989 special outfits. Full instructions for building these models are included in this edition.


RMG Newsletter Issue 13 (Second Edition)

We are indebted to Frank Pycroft for the computer designed graphics on the front cover, embellished by artists licence from your Editor.


RMG Newsletter Issue 12 (Second Edition)

The cover for this edition is a copy of the postcard that I received from Christies of South Kensington advertising the Meccano Museum Auction, which was fully reported in our last Newsletter.