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RMG Magazine Issue 90 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

Our front cover shows Pete Wood’s Lamborghini Countach cutting up a corner on a country road. The last article, covering the bodywork, appears in this issue.


Story   Author
Kempton Park — November 2015   Nick Rodgers
The 1933 Alvis Front Wheel Drive Motor Chassis   Roger Marriott
John MacDonald’s Prime Mover   Nick Rodgers
Vintage 2-Ton Flat Bed Lorry   Roger West
Every Which Way Points South   Robin Schoolar
New Members    
Lamborghini Countach — Final Chapter   Pete Wood
Magic Designer — Middle Model Nº 4   Nick Rodgers/Andreas Konkoly
30th Anniversary Challenge    
Optica — The Optical/Electromagnetic ‘Hipp’ Clock   Simon Walker
Handy Spirit Level for use with Meccano   Chris Fry
Midhurst Model Engineering Exhibition — February 2016   Nick Rodgers
LNER Locomotive Retrospective   John Rogers
Locomotive 7.1 (1961)   Nick Rodgers
Konkoly Modelplans    
Meeting Report — February 2016   Robert Kaufeler
A Simple 5th Wheel   Nick Rodgers/John MacDonald
Diary Dates    

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