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RMG Magazine Issue 100 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The picture on the front cover is of Richard Smith’s 1950s tractor. A feature article on this appears on page 38 of this issue.


Story   Author
Editorial   Nick Rodgers
Long Nosed Lorries   John Rogers
Slotting Machine — Manual 7.19 (1961)   Nick Rodgers
Go-Anywhere Gama Goat   Neil Bedford
Wire Covering Machine Model L2 (1935 Manual)   Nick Rodgers
Developing a Model of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Self-Powered Cart   Alan Wenbourne
“A Disagreeable Man”   Peter Clay
Engines from the 1952 (sets 7 and 8) Manual   Nick Rodgers
My Meccano Story   Mario Moszcynski
Model Engineering Exhibition — Midhurst June 2019   Nick Rodgers
MeccaSpider Impressions   Robin Schoolar
Car Lifting Apparatus Manual F to L Model G42 (1935)   Nick Rodgers
Mini Meccanograph   Peter Clay
Grandpa’s Electric Rocking Chair   Nick Rodgers
A 1950s Tractor   Richard Smith
Three Speed and Reverse Gearbox — Middle Model No. 12   Nick Rodgers / Andreas Konkoly
A Brief History of the Runnymede Meccano Guild Magazine   Pete Wood
Winding Drum for Cranes   ‘Spanner’ Mailing List
Taxi Manual Model 7.11 (1961)   Nick Rodgers
Meeting Report — June 2019   John Rogers
Painting Fishplates and Angle Brackets   Nick Rodgers
Diary Dates    

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