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RMG Magazine Issue 91 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

Our front cover shows Colin Bull’s interpretation of the Laxey Waterwheel on the Isle of Man. This model was awarded the John Linder Memorial Trophy at Meccanuity 2016 and the Runnymede Modelling Shield 2016. A write-up of the model appears on pages 51–53 of this issue. 


Story   Author
New Racing Car and Eiffel Tower Model Reviews   Georg Eiermann
The Magic of Meccano Show 2016   Nick Rodgers
The Apocryphal Meccano Parts — ‘A Pot Stirrer’   Peter Clay
A ‘French’ Universal Joint   Nick Rodgers
John MacDonald’s Grand Prix Racing Car   Nick Rodgers
A Universal Joint Design   John MacDonald / John MacDonald
Bucyrus Erie 150 B ‘Doubler’ Hybrid Rope Shovel   Mark Bridle
Linking Up Drive Axle Rods   Nick Rodgers
Extension Springs   Jordi Valles
Refuse Lorry Model 7.2 (1961)   Nick Rodgers
Meccanuity 2016   Colin Bull
A Compact Universal Coupling   Pete Wood
Compact 9-Speed and Reverse Gearbox — Middle Model Nº 5   Andreas Konkoly / Nick Rodgers
Meccano Lab, Calais   Nick Rodgers
Isle of Man Laxey Waterwheel — The World’s Largest Waterwheel   Colin Bull
Meeting Report — May 2016   John Rogers
30th Anniversary Competition   Nick Rodgers
Diary Dates    

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