Takraf Dockside Electric Level Luffing Crane

TAKRAF stands for Tagerbergbau-Ausrustungen, Krane und Forderanlagen (Surface mining, Cranes and Conveying Equipment). The company, based in Leipsig, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy surface mining and transportation equipment. The company’s history goes back to 1725 when its first factory was opened near Dresden; it started crane production in 1906. After German unification, Takraf became part of the MAN company is now called Tenova.

The crane, which stands on the dockside at Saarlouis in the Saarland, was manufactured in 1988 and has a load capacity of 35 tons at 17 metres. It is a double-luffing crane with two winch systems for a four-rope grab operation, but it can handle a variety of other loads — it can be fitted with a hook for general cargo, an electro-magnet for loading scrap, and a spreader for lifting containers.

You may be surprised to see it clothed in silver girders when everyone saw Richard Payn's beautiful dark blue model in 2012.

Who could resist building this lovely crane!  It is a masterpiece of good industrial design.

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