Howard Boder

Hi there, Howard the restorer here,

A bit about me. I am a Chemical Engineer (with a mechanical engineer trying to get out!) and my interests are beam and steam engines, clocks, and any fun models for kids. I like clockwork and steam power!

I have two grown up kids but one 2 year old who is taking a great interest in Meccano and I'm obviously going to try and nurture that.

To this end, I've restored an almost complete no.9 set in blue gold colour from 1938 as well as another no. 9 in red/green which I'm collecting for fun.

I really enjoy the restoration process, taking poor condition or slightly rusted parts and restoring them for use. Its probably the Chemical part of my background coming through.

Whilst there are a few Meccano suppliers, I get most of my base materials to restore from the excellent (local Surrey) supplier husband and wife team John and Marie Goulty. Their website is:

They are a delightful couple with a real interest in Meccano who deal in really nice quality parts and in addition sell me the odd box of scrap which I restore!

I hope you enjoy looking at my pages.

All the best,


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