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Here we are compiling a list of Runnymede Meccano Guild Magazine back-issues.

We have a limited stock of original copies of some recent issues still available. Check below to see what is in stock. Second editions of issues 1 to 20 are also available to purchase online.

Magazines will be shipped to you via Second Class Mail (UK) or International Standard Airmail (overseas).

If you wish to avoid postage and handling charges, and are in a position to collect your order at an RMG meeting or other event, please contact the Secretary with your request, and either send him a cheque, or arrange for cash on delivery. Please note that if you are ordering by this method from overseas, we can accept cash (Pounds Sterling or Euros only) or cheques drawn on a UK account. Please do not send foreign cheques.

Further subsequent back-issues will become available soon.

If you’d like to receive future issues, membership of the guild includes a three issue subscription!

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RMG Magazine Issue 84 (Original)

Our front cover shows the famous World War I Fokker Dr. 1 tri-plane attributed to the ‘Red Baron’. The model was built by Pete Evans and shown at the Guild meeting in February.


RMG Magazine Issue 85 (Original)

Our front cover shows the Wolseley WD11 1.5hp Stationary Engine of the 1940s built by the master builder Darren Bonner. This model was awarded the Runnymede Shield for excellence in modelling at the June meeting of the Runnymede Meccano Guild. It was also placed 10th at SkegEx in the Alec Issigonis awards in July of this year. A full write up appears on page 40 of this issue.


RMG Magazine Issue 86 (Original)

Our front cover shows Terry Allen’s Bugatti Type 57C Atlantic Coupe of 1935-38 parked in his drive at home. Terry has swept the boards this year and walked off with the top price at the CAM Exhibition in France and the Alec Issigonis Shield at Skegness. To cap that, he joined us at Lyne in October and walked off with the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy. This is modelling of the highest standard and is a truly great work of art.


RMG Magazine Issue 87 (Original)

Our front cover shows Gregg Worwood’s version of Stephenson’s Rocket. This was exhibited at the Midhurst model engineering exhibition in February. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of table space he was only able to set the Rocket up on the rails and the accompanying carriages had to be shown below the exhibition tables. 


RMG Magazine Issue 88 (Original)

Our front cover shows Pete Evans Marion Bucket Excavator that was joint winner of the Runnymede Meccano Shield at our June meeting. A full write-up of these models appears in this issue on page 27. We are indebted to Pete Wood for producing the front cover.


RMG Magazine Issue 89 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

Our front cover shows Neil Bedford’s Hannover CLiii aircraft flying over the English countryside. If you can recognise the castle below then it would be safe to assume that the pilot has lost his way to the south coast! Once again we are indebted to Pete Wood for producing this cover. A write-up on this model appears on page 13 of this issue. The model was awarded 10th place for the Alec Issigonis Shield at Skegness in July.


RMG Magazine Issue 90 (Original)

Our front cover shows Pete Wood’s Lamborghini Countach cutting up a corner on a country road. The last article, covering the bodywork, appears in this issue.


RMG Magazine Issue 91 (Original)

Our front cover shows Colin Bull’s interpretation of the Laxey Waterwheel on the Isle of Man. This model was awarded the John Linder Memorial Trophy at Meccanuity 2016 and the Runnymede Modelling Shield 2016. A write-up of the model appears on pages 51–53 of this issue.


RMG Magazine Issue 92 (Original)

Our cover shows the front of Pete Evans’ wonderful model of a Brooklands Garage with suitably attired 1930s gentlemen added by Pete Wood. This model won the Issigonis Shield at Skegness in 2016 as well as the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy at our June meeting. A write-up of this model appears on pages 32–36 of this issue.


RMG Magazine Issue 93 (Original)

Our cover shows the Andy Knox model of the Kempton Park Great Engine superimposed over the original. Once again we have to thank Pete Wood for this computer imagery which was also used on the advertising posters prior to our exhibition there in November of last year. The original photograph was taken in 2015 when we exhibited our models in the lower area.