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29th International Meccano Model Show DVD

The annual International Meccano Model Show in Skegness is the largest Meccano event in the UK, attracting exhibitors from all over the world.

This DVD features footage of 60 models from the 2010 show and is split into five segments: Agriculture and Industry; Bridges; Clocks and Orreries; Novelties; Transport and Military.

Total running time: 30 minutes
Region: 0 (worldwide)

Featured Models

  Agriculture and Industry
Thread Twisting Machine
Tower Crane
Diamond Rope Works Engine — 5th prize
'Steel Horse'
Triple Expansion Steam Engine
Log Saw
Bucket Wheel Excavator — 4th prize
Meccano Steeple Engine
Mkl Utility Grader
Liebherr Ship-Mounted MPG Double Girder Grab Crane
Steam Hammer
Overtype Steam Engine
Lemniscate Harbour Crane — 2nd prize

The Jolly Fisherman
Easter Egg
Jimmy the Juggler — 3rd prize
Cinema Organs
Crazy Jungle Fairground Fun House
Chess Set
Marble Rolling Machine
Crazy Inventors Fantasy Factory
Automatic Racer
The DNA Machine
Torpedo the Battleship
Wagon Assembly Line
Percy the Ping Pong Porter
Wem Treacle Mine — 1st prize
  Clocks and Orreries
Impulse 'Inching' Clock
Nuremberg Clock
Grandfather Clock

Transporter Bridge
Delftshavense Schie Bascule Rail Bridge
Transporter Bridge
Tower Bridge

Transport and Military
Iron Duke
Remote Control Helicopter
Columbia Electric Car
Mexican Wood-burning Locomotive
German MKIV Tank
Leyland PS2 Bus
'City of Sheffield' Locomotive
Pennington Automobile
Multi-axle Steering Demonstration
4-2-2 Locomotive and Tender
Various Models
'Nesta' Locomotive
Mercedes Benz 'Citaro' Bus
Cargo Ship
0-4-0 and 2-2-2 Engines
Meccano Air Show
Hagglund BV 206
LNER 4-6-4 Class W1 Locomotive
Bugatti Car
Airline Scissor Lift Catering Truck
Enid Rack Locomotive

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