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Andreas Konkoly’s Supermodel Plans

This series of volumes is a compilation of illustrated building instructions for the famous “No. 10 Set Supermodels” designed by Andreas Konkoly. It begins with a short biography of Andreas, and the origins of this series. 

The models have been re-built by Nick Rodgers (and others) from Andreas’ original instructions and photos. These were often very difficult to follow because of Andreas' quaint form of ‘Pidgin English’ and the black and white photos were sometimes less than revealing.

Once built, and where necessary modified, the models were then photographed in stages, and the text re-written to provide clear and concise instructions.

Models are featured in numerical sequence with 5 models per volume.

There are around 230 models in all, of which the first 90 have so far been completed. The models are numbered 1 to 100, continuing from 101 to 170 (The Jubilee Series) and 171 to 210. Also another 20 known as the “Middle Models” were produced outside the scope of the No. 10 set. It is hoped that the entire collection will one day be fully completed and made available.

Look out for the next available volumes coming soon…

A comprehensive reference list of all Andreas Konkoly’s models and related articles has been compiled by William Irwin in New Zealand. The list is posted on the NZFMM website — click here to download the latest revision (you will need Microsoft Excel to view the list).

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Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 1

This volume contains model nos. 1 to 5.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 2

This volume contains model nos. 6 to 10.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 3

This volume contains model nos. 11 to 15.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 4

This volume contains model nos. 16 to 20.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 5

This volume contains model nos. 21 to 25.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 6

This volume contains model nos. 26 to 30.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 7

This volume contains model nos. 31 to 35.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 8

This volume contains model nos. 36 to 40.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 9

This volume contains model nos. 41 to 45.


Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volume 10

This volume contains model nos. 46 to 50.