TurboUnion RB199 Triple Spool Turbofan Engine

Originally the intention was to only show the visible elements of the installed engine, namely the exhaust nozzles and thrust reverse buckets. Internally, all that would exist is the mechanisms associated with these two features.

One thing led to another however, and the result is a full featured engine model which can stand as a model in its own right, and one of the few elements of the complete aircraft model that works to my satisfaction!

The aim here is to be able to demonstrate the basics of how a jet engine works, and specifically the main features of the Tornado engines - the TurboUnion RB199. It was a very radical design in it's day, producing more power from its compact design than many of it's much larger contemporaries.

I produced a video of the model a year or two ago, but was never really happy with it. So I recently had another go and I hope that the new video is an improvement!

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