Subaru WRX STi

This quarter scale model of the Subaru WRX STi sports car was built by Darren Bonner, over a four year period starting in September 2000. Made entirely from restored “scrap” parts, it demonstrates an exquisite level of detail in all aspects of the car! There is far too much to describe at length here, so I refer you to the photo gallery and video clips in this section in order to fully appreciate the work that has gone into this model. Briefly though, I will try to summarise the models features here - Apart from full functionality of the 4 wheel drive transmission, clutch and gearbox, with variable split inter-axle drive, suspension and steering, the model sports working lights, windscreen wipers, sunroof, reclining bucket seats, opening doors and hatches. Under the bonnet, is an extra-ordinary representation of the engine and ancillaries – nothing has been missed out! Beyond all this, the bodywork has been modelled with every contour, curve and crease, including rear spoiler and skirting. All interior panelling has been added too, including the spare wheel well, and wheel arches… I could go on!

Introduction written by Pete Wood.