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RMG Newsletter Issue 6 (Second Edition)

This "Second Edition" has crisp, sharp photos, many of which are now in their original full-colour having been reproduced from the original artwork, with much higher quality than was possible from the black and white photocopy production of 30 years ago!

The model on the front cover of this issue is a Lifting Shovel built from Model Plan No. 6 for the No. 10 set. The Sketch was drawn by Nick Rodgers.


Story   Author
Editorial   Nick Rodgers
Covent Garden Exhibition    
Toy Fair 1988   John Westwood
Coming Soon    
Make It In Meccano   Dennis Higginson
Famous Racing Marques — Bugatti   K. John
Product Review   Nick Rodgers
Motor Matters   Michael Potter
Product Review   Nick Rodgers
Derek Porter   Derek Porter
I Saw It In The Newspaper   Nick Rodgers
Letter Page    
Diary Dates    
Membership List    
meeting Report   Nick Rodgers
Meccano Argentina   Jan Schurink
Konkoly's Best Meccano Supermodels    
Meccano Exhibition    
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