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RMG Newsletter Issue 12 (Second Edition)

This "Second Edition" has crisp, sharp photos, now in their original full-colour having been reproduced from the original artwork, with much higher quality than was possible from the black and white photocopy production of 30 years ago!

The cover for this edition is a copy of the postcard that I received from Christies of South Kensington advertising the Meccano Museum Auction, which was fully reported in our last Newsletter.


Editorial   Nick Rodgers
Meccano News    
Easter Bunny   Andreas Konkoly
The Henley Prize    
Diary Dates    
Membership List    
Early Steam Locomotives — Part 1   Nick Rodgers
For Sale    
Stabil — Nostalgia — Part 1   Andreas Konkoly
Meeting Report    
Exhibition Review    
Make it in Meccano   Dennis Higginson
International Meccanoman    
Skegex '90    
Vintage Model Railway Exhibition Advert    

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