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RMG Magazine Issue 99 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The front cover of this issue shows the designer of the Lamborghini Countach, Marcello Gandini, autographing Pete Wood’s model at the Italian National Motor Museum in Turin. Behind him is the Curator of the museum, Giosue Boetto Cohen who arranged for Pete to exhibit his model. We are indebted to the museum for allowing us to use their photograph for the front cover of this issue. Pete’s article on this unique experience can be found on page 40 of this issue.


Story   Author
Editorial   Nick Rodgers
The Floating Angel   Ian Elwell-Smith
Midhurst Model Engineering Exhibition   Nick Rodgers
A Simple Flexible Coupling   John Sharp
Bristol Dockside Crane   Chris Bates
Wir Rope Making Machine (1934 Manual Model)   Nick Rodgers
Making Figures for Meccano Models   Neil Bedford
Meccano Heartgraph — Middle Model No. 11   Andreas Konkoly / Nick Rodgers
The Duchess of Devonshire Locomotive with Coaches   Richard Smith
The ‘Cloche’ Clock   Nick Rodgers
Steam Engines from 1935 Manual F to L Part 1   Bob Williams
The Sterling Dragon Wagon Transporter   Nick Rodgers
Meccano Anniversary Crane   Georg Eiermann
Marcello Gandini “Meccano Boy” — “The Italian Job”   Pete Wood
Meeting Report — February 2019   Nick Rodgers / Adrian Meadley / Robin Schoolar
“Step-Up” or “Step-Down” Driving Gear   T. V. Vollenhoven
Diary Dates    

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