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RMG Magazine Issue 87 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

Our front cover shows Gregg Worwood’s version of Stephenson’s Rocket. This was exhibited at the Midhurst model engineering exhibition in February. Unfortunately, due to a shortage of table space he was only able to set the Rocket up on the rails and the accompanying carriages had to be shown below the exhibition tables. 


Story   Author
Kempton Steam Museum Art and Craft Exhibition   Pete Wood
Reversing Mechanisms — Part II   Nick Rodgers
John MacDonald 1929–2014   Nick Rodgers
Konkoly Middle Model N° 1 — 3 Pole Motor 8–14V   Pete Wood and Roger Thorpe
Freelance 6-Wheel Drive Chassis   Nick Rodgers/John MacDonald
Gearboxes for the Practiced Modeller —
Part 9: John MacDonald’s 3-Speed and Reverse
  Alan Wenbourne
LNER Ten Thousand   John Rogers
Parts Utilisation in Post-War Outfits   Clive Weston
Inter-Axle Drive Mechanism   Nick Rodgers
‘A Labour of Love’ — A Review of Andreas Konkoly’s Supermodel Booklets   Pat Briggs
The Evolution 5210 Quad Bike Set (ATV) — A Review   Peter Clay
Membership Changes    
Auction and Meeting Report — February 2015   Pete Wood
33rd Midhurst Model Engineering Exhibition   Pete Wood
Diary Dates    

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