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RMG Magazine Issue 80 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The model on the front cover is Richard Smith’s ‘City of London’ Coronation Pacific Locomotive being set in a dramatic Scottish Glen Finnan landscape. Our thanks go to Roland Jaggard for his artwork. This model won the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy at Otterhaw in June and came second at Skegness for the Issigonis Shield. A feature article on this model appears on page 24 of this issue.


Story   Author
Gearboxes for Beginners — Part III   Alan Wenbourne
SkegEx 2012   Nick Rodgers
1:5 Scale Tornado GR1 IDS Aircraft — Part VI   Pete Woods
City of London Coronation Pacific Locomotive   Richard Smith
Get to Know Your Members   Ivor Ellard
7–8 Manual Models — Part VIII   Nick Rodgers
Review of Roger Marriott’s Book Meccano   John Rogers
Automatic Gearbox Transmission   Robin Schoolar
Easter at Kew — Part II   Peter Clay
Doctor Cheapo’s Radical Plastic Motor Units — Part II   Mike Dennis
Meccanoman’s Gathering at Henley   Nick Rodgers
Meeting Report — June 2012   Ralph Laughton
New Members and Address Changes    
You Say “Meccano”   Frank Paine
Diary Dates    

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