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RMG Magazine Issue 79 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The model on the front cover is a copy of the late Eric Schoolar’s Enigmatic Stabiliser. An introduction to this model appeared in our last issue. Full instructions for building the model appear on page 37 of this issue.


Story   Author
The Magic of Meccano Show at Kew Bridge Steam Museum   Nick Rodgers
Get to Know Your Members   Alan Records
Easter Meccanograph   Peter Clay
Meccano Model of a Lenco Transmission   Michael Conduit
Gearboxes for Beginners — Part II   Alan Wenbourne
Doctor Cheapo’s Radical Plastic Motor Unit   Mike Dennis
Midhurst Model Engineering Exhibition   Frank Paine
Meeting Report    
1:5 Scale Tornado GR1 IDS Aircraft — Part III   Pete Wood
Enigmatic Stabiliser   Nick Rodgers
Meccano 4-Bit Binary Counter   Stephen Jeavons
New Members    
What’s in a Name?   Dave Taylor
Do Nothing Machine   Ed Veiga
The ‘Wilson’ 4-Speed Epicyclic Gearbox — Part II   Nick Rodgers
Power Weaving Loom   Ivor Perrett
Erratum for Issue 78    
Grub-Screw Modification Tool   Mike Dennis
Diary Dates    

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