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RMG Magazine Issue 78 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The model on the front cover is a fantasy model from the late Andreas Konkoly. It is his Supermodel No. 186, ‘Butterflies on a Carousel’. The instructions for building this model first appeared in our magazine Issue No. 22 for June 1993. I have now rewritten the instructions and produced colour photographs for this model.


Story   Author
Andover Truckfest   Nick Rodgers
Kempton Steam Museum   Nick Rodgers
The ‘Wilson’ 4-Speed Epicyclic Gearbox — Part I   Nick Rodgers
Stothert & Pitt 8-Ton DD2 Hydraulic Level-Luffing Crane   Colin Bull
Gearboxes for Beginners — Part I   Alan Wenbourne
Motorised Remote Control Set 6460   Dave Denner
An Art Deco Table Lamp   Nick Rodgers
1:5 Scale Tornado GR1 IDS Aircraft — Part II   Pete Wood
The Spanish Knight by Andreas Konkoly — Supermodel Nº 71   Colin Hoare
0536 Special Master Builder Set — Orion Dreamdancer    
The Eclipser Fairground Ride   Santiago Plicio
Erratum for Issue 77    
SML Nº 20 Electric Mobile Crane   Nick Rodgers
Untangling the Mysteries of Eric Schoolar’s Enigmatic Stabiliser   Robin Schoolar
7–8 Manual Models — Part VII   Nick Rodgers
Diary Dates    
Kew Bridge Steam Museum Publicity Poster    

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