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RMG Magazine Issue 77 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The model on the front cover is a fantasy view of Pete Wood’s magnificent interpretation of a Tornado GR1 IDS. An introductory article on this model appears on pages 16–19 in this issue. We are hoping to produce several articles featuring the complex mechanisms that make up this model. It has been 25 years in the making and has gone through numerous rebuilds to reach its present climax.


Story   Author
40th Henley Gathering   Nick Rodgers
New Members    
Gearbox — Epicyclics for Dummies — Part III   Alan Wenbourne
Tyre Restoration   Bob Watson
1:5 Scale Tornado GR1 IDS Aircraft — Introduction   Pete Wood
Multi-Model Radio Control   Mark Bridle
7–8 Manual Models — Part VI   Nick Rodgers
London Underground ‘Standard Stock’ Tube Car   Roger West
Building Locomotive Wheels   Nick Rodgers
‘Nuts + Bolts’ Hammerhead Crane   Paul Goodman
eXperimental Parts?   Chris Fry
25 Years with the RMG   Nick Rodgers
A Revolution in Meccano at MMG   John Rogers
A Heavy-Duty Roller Bearing   Edmundo Veiga
Nano Fairground Models   Sue and Ralph Laughton
Another Conversation with Geoff Wright   John Rogers
Meeting Report   Frank Paine
Tintin Sets    
Straightening Meccano Rods   Mike Dennis
Diary Dates    

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