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RMG Magazine Issue 76 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The model on the front cover is another of those beautiful creations sculptured by Darren Bonner. This is is model of a John Fowler Class DNB Steam Roller. The model was awarded the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy at the June meeting of the Guild this year. Further details can be found on page 51 of this issue.


Story   Author
Kew Bridge Steam Museum Exhibition   Nick Rodgers
A Tribute to Paul Joachim   Nick Rodgers
Meccano Orbiter — Part I   Roger Thorpe
Thoughts on Backlash and Meccano Gearing   Peter Clay
Hitachi 1200 Mining Backhoe Excavator   Mark Bridle
7–8 Manual Models — Part V   Nick Rodgers
Hooked Roller Bearing   Edmundo Veiga
A Conversation with Geoff Wright   John Rogers
New Special Edition Model   Alan Esplen
Armstrong-Saurer Dominant 6-wheel Truck — Part II   Alan Wenbourne
Meccano 7550 Multimodels Set   Roger Thorpe
Gearbox — Epicyclics for Dummies — Part II   Alan Wenbourne
Robot Review   Pete Clay
Spanner Christmas 2010 Challenge   Tony Brown
Skegex 2011   Nick Rodgers
Who Owns Meccano   Courtesy ‘Spanner’
Meeting Report   Roger Thorpe
Diary Dates    

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