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RMG Magazine Issue 75 (Original)

An original copy of this issue from unused stock.

The model on the front cover of a Crawler Tractor was built by Richard Payn. It is based on the original designs of the late Eric Taylor. The model has been considerably refined, particularly to the gearbox and the track drives. Further notes on this model can be found on page 49.


Story   Author
Alexandra Palace Model Engineering Exhibition   Ivor Ellard
Midhurst Model Engineering Exhibition   Nick Rodgers
Super Marine Sea Lion II   John Rogers
The Dark Blue and Yellow Meccano Period   Richard Payn
Volunteers Needed   Clive Weston
The ‘umble’ Flat Trunnion   Nck Rodgers
Gearbox   Alan Wenbourne
7–8 Manual Models — Part VI   Nick Rodgers
Omni Directional Wheel   Edmundo Veiga
Armstrong-Saurer Dominant 6-wheel truck   Alan Wenbourne
The 5th Wheel   Nick Rodgers
Parallel Worlds   Ivor Ellard
‘Nuts + Bolts’ Dockside Crane   Paul Goodman
The Unexpurgated Confessions of a Meccano Collector — Part II   Jonothan Whitaker
Experiments with a Balance Wheel Escapement   Roger Thorpe
‘Spiralograph’ Designing Machine   Peter Clay
A Simple Roller Bearing   Ivor Ellard
Meeting Report   Nick Rodgers
Diary Dates    
The Magic of Meccano Show, Kew Bridge Steam Museum, Publicity Poster    

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