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35th International Meccano Model Show DVD

The annual International Meccano Model Show in Skegness is the largest Meccano event in the UK, attracting exhibitors from all over the world.

This DVD features 89 models from the 2016 show over eight segments: Agriculture and Industry; Bridges and Landmarks; Clocks, Orreries and Instruments; Material Handling; Meccanographs, Games and Novelties; Military; Stationary Engines; Transport.

Also included is the presentation of The Issigonis Shield.

Total running time: 89 minutes
Region: 0 (worldwide)

Featured Models

  Agriculture and Industry
Fluffing Mill
Planing Machine
Meccanoid Robot Arm
Laxey Wheel
American 10-Wheel Tractor
Post Windmill
Steam-Powered Lawn Mower
Planing Machine
Mercedes Benz Refuse Truck
Robotic Arm

Clocks, Orreries and Instruments
Riefler-Borrill Precision Regulator Clock
Voyager Spacecraft
Compact Pendulum Clock
Small Mantel Clock
Lovell Telescope
Turret Clock
Sunrise/Sunset Predictor

Material Handling
Grange Ironworks 30 Ton Overhead Crane
JCB Backhoe Excavator
Steam Shovel
JCB Teletruk
Tatra 8x8 Pipe Carrier
Hitachi KH180 Hydraulic Crawler Crane
Linde Side Loader Fork Lift
Blocksetting Crane

Meccanographs, Games and Novelties
'A Trip to the Ice Cream Parlour'
Ball Roller and Balls
Subbuteo Table Football
Tommy Cooper
Variable Linegraph
Ball Roller
'Doctor Who' Display
Dealers' Display Model
'Rubik's Shrine' Cube Solver
Optical Illusion
'Where is M. Bleriot?'
Ball Roller
Revolving Ball Roller
'Michael the Magician'
'The Treadmill'
'Percy the Ping Pong Porter'
'The Lightning Leap' Buzz-Wire Game
  Bridges and Landmarks
The Eiffel Tower
Widness Runcorn Transporter Bridge

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird Stealth Plane
British Heavy Tank Mk 1
US Navy Mk II Model 2 Bomb Service Truck
French Renault FT Light Tank
Bristol M.1 Monoplane Fighter
French Saint Chamond Heavy Tank
French Schneider CA1 Heavy Tank
Thornycroft Antar Tractor
Primus Engineering Tank
H.M.S. Javelin Destroyer
Fokker E.III Eindecker Fighter Plane

Stationary Engines
Horizontal Steam Engine
Boulton & Watt Bell-Crank Engine
Tandem Compound Mill Engine
Beam Engine
Side Rod Engine
Beam Engine
Single Cylinder Horizontal Steam Engine
Overtype Beam Engine

Canal Locks Demonstration
'City of Sheffield' Locomotive
Aircraft Display
Ford Model T Automobile
O Gauge Rolling Stock
Pilatus Cogwheel Railway
Daimler Motorcycle
Racing Car Display
Schools Class 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive
Austin-Healey 3000 Mk III Sports Car
Cargo Plane
Camel Trophy Land Rover
Differential, Variable Pitch Propeller, and Centrifugal Clutch Demonstration
Brooklands Garage
LNER Class L1 2-6-4T Locomotive
Platelayer's Velocipede
Motorcycle and Sidecar
Vintage Motor Breakdown Crane
Philion Steam Carriage
German Outline Narrow Gauge 2-8-0 Tank Locomotive

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