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The Magic of Meccano Show 2015 DVD

The London Museum of Water and Steam (formerly Kew Bridge Steam Museum) is the ideal setting for a Meccano Show, its massive beam engines surrounded by Meccano models.

On this DVD you'll find footage of 42 models from the 2015 show including cranes, bridges, trains and, of course, beam engines!

Total running time: 35 minutes
Region: 0 (worldwide)

Featured Models

  Stephenson's Rocket and Pullman Carriage
Pontoon Crane
Tumbling-Beam Engine
Foden Quarry Truck
Kepler 16 Orrery
Spirograph Meccanograph
Wolseley WDII Stationary Engine
Four-wheel Drive Chassis
Non-Rotative Steam Pumping Engine
Super Universal Design Maker
Container Crane
Maudley's Paddle Engine
D42 HMS Windsor Destroyer
Wind Turbines
High Speed Steam Engine
Multicolour Meccanograph
Tower Crane
Dancers End Twin-Beam Engine
Mercades Benz Bulk Cement Carrier
Back Gear Lathe
  Mill Engine
Eastcliff Funicular Railway
A Peloton of Cyclists
Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
Dockside Crane
Single Cylinder Horizontal Steam Engine
Taylor 10-Ton Dock Crane
American Climax Logging Locomotive
South-seeking Chariot
Chaplin Railway Breakdown Crane
Bumper Cars
LNER Ten Thousand Locomotive
Cricket Green
Dockside Crane
Hard Chine Luxury Speedboat
Four-wheel Drive Chassis
Delfshavense Schie Bascule Rail Bridge
Factory Steam Engine
L-Form Meccanograph
Marble Bouncer

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