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2018 Meeting Dates

Dear all,

Please note that the AGM meeting reminders sent out today (Tuesday 19th September) give the incorrect dates for the 2018 meetings. The dates shown were in fact those for 2016, and I somehow omitted to correct them while compiling the documents.

Unfortunately I had already sent out 120 or so reminders before someone pointed out my mistake. Please accept my apologies for any confusion and note the correct dates below. The remaining notices will be sent out tomorrow and will show the correct dates as follows:

Saturday 3rd February 2018 — Auction meeting

Saturday 2nd June 2018 — Runnymede Shield meeting

Saturday 6th October 2018 — AGM, Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy

One additional item for the agenda — the Secretary shall be tarred and feathered and strung up by his big toes at the start of the meeting!

Warm regards,


RMG Mini Auction

Hi Folks,

For anyone who isn't already aware, we will be holding a mini auction at the AGM meeting on 7th October 2017.

This is primarily for clearance of Jay Mitra’s entire Collection recently acquired by the Guild, and will include 13 roughly similar lots.

Each lot contains a good spread of different parts, used and new, including nuts and bolts, and a variety of motors.

Please do not bring along any of your own lots for sale, but hold on to these until the February auction as usual.

Look forward to seeing you all there…

Andreas Konkoly Supermodels Volumes 15 & 16

Hi folks, just a quick heads up for anyone interested in the Konkoly series of model plans.

Volumes 15 and 16 are now available for purchase in the shop.

These cover model numbers 71 to 80 and include the famous Spanish Knight, St. Nicholas in Meccano, a further selection of designing machines and a stylish looking synchronous clock. Photos of the completed models are now featured in the Konkoly section of the gallery.

Diary Dates Error

Hi folks,

A typing error has been noticed on the Diary page of RMG Magazine Issue 93, February 2017.

To avoid any confusion, please note that the date for the Henley Gathering is the 2nd September 2017, not the 5th.

Many thanks indeed.



Number Ten Set for Sale

From the Joe Hand Collection, this is a complete No. 10 set in a rustic (non standard) 4 drawer cabinet. Joe had been compiling the set in the last year or two, but didn't get round to completing it. I have picked up where he left off to complete the set. Mostly in Red & Green, but with a few odd colours mixed in, and generally of low average quality, the parts are all well used but not badly bent at all, apart from a few slightly bent strips being the worst examples. 

The attached photos will give you an idea of what's on offer, but please contact me for further information/photos if you are interested.

I am looking for offers around £500 for the full set…


Dear all, 

You may be interested in attending this three-day event being held close to Paris Le Bourget and Roissy airport.

An information/application pack can be found here.

RMG Auction 2017

Hi folks,

2017 promises to kick off with a bang for the Guild, starting with the auction meeting on 4th February. We have secured the Chertsey Hall for this event, and we are starting to gear up for a bumper meeting.

You will have read in the latest magazine issue No.92, that the star attraction for the auction will be the fabulous model pictured below. John MacDonald's Grand Prix Racing Car is a marvel of creation and typical of his style of building. A model like this deserves to be on permanent display for all to see, and anyone would be proud to own it.


The model was fully featured in RMG issue 91 if you want to learn more about it.

We look forward to seeing you on the 4th Feb…

Magnet Makeover

Does your Magnet need a Makeover?

Do your Solenoids need Servicing??

Does your Flux need re-Filling???

Has your North pole gone South????

Ok — that's enough! … I can't think of any more :-D

Bring your Meccano magnets along to the Runnymede Meeting on 1st October, and Simon Walker will rejuvenate them for you… free of CHARGE !!  ( I couldn't resist one more !!)

Magazine Material

Hi Folks,

Several people have been asking me about deadlines for articles to be submitted, here is a generic answer which I hope you will all find useful? This is just a guide, the short answer is - "submit your article as soon as possible!"

For a chance to see your article published in the October issue (subject to the Editors discretion) please submit your material before 1st October. (the same "rule" applies for the February and June issues).

This is not an exact science and it doesn't mean your article won't get published if you miss this "deadline" by a week or so - sometimes it takes a little longer to put the magazine together before going to print.

If it doesn't make it into the next issue, there's a good chance it will appear in the following one, it all depends on the quantity of available material.

just keep those articles coming folks.....

All the best,


Renewal Invitation for 2017

Hi folks,

No need to panic, just a quick heads up in advance. Subscriptions will be due for renewal on 1st October 2016. Be sure to put a reminder on your calendar to update your subs for next year ...

Remember, some of you have already paid a year or more in advance, so you may not need to renew just yet. If you are unsure, just drop me a line and I'll let you know when your subs run out. Or you can wait until the individual reminders are posted in a few weeks time.

All the best,