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June 2013 Meeting Report

By Bob Palmer • Published on Monday 10 June 2013, 10:50pm

This was our second meeting at our new venue and featured the inaugural running of the new Runnymede Shield. There were some rather impressive models on display and below, in no particular order, you will find a few that caught your Webmaster's eye. There were, of course several other models present and you will be able to see these in a fuller report in the forthcoming magazine.

Here we have the Mercedes Bulk Cement Carrier by Nick Rodgers which was a worthy first winner of the Runnymede Shield.

Nick Rodgers - Mercedes Bulk Cement Carrier



Next we have a Freelance Blocksetting Crane by Richard Lingard, which was one of three runners-up.

Richard Lingard - Freelance Blocksetting Crane


Another runner-up was a fairground ride called "Twin Spinner" by James Plicio, shown here alongside his Galleon.

James Plicio - Twin Spinner Ride and Galleon


The final runner-up was Peter Goddard with his Woolwich Arsenal Steam Gantry Crane.

Peter Goddard - Woolwich Arsenal Steam Gantry Crane


Adrian Meadley showed this rather fine Traction Engine,

Adrian Meadley - Traction Engine

along with this Lifting Shovel and a Watts Beam Engine.

Adrian Meadley - Lifting Shovel


Here is another traction engine, this time a Fowler Crane Engine by Darren Bonner.

Darren Bonner - Fowler Crane Engine


Here is a Racing Seaplane by Robert Kaufeler.

Robert Kaufeler - Racing Seaplane


Paul Goodman had this rather interesting Locomotive from an Eitech single model set.

Paul Goodman - Eitech Locomotive


Finally, here is my own humble offering, a Triple Expansion Steam Engine of the type used in the 'Liberty' Ships of World War II. Built from a model plan designed by Dr. Michael Adler.

Bob Palmer - Triple Expansion Engine