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February 2014 Meeting Report

By Bob Palmer • Published on Monday 10 February 2014, 5:25pm

As usual a fuller write-up can be expected in the next issue of the Runnymede Meccano Guild Magazine, but here is a taster from your webmaster's point of view.

This meeting marked the first anniversary of our move to the new venue. It was well attended with a good few models to peruse. I certainly did not get to look at them all (partly because I was elsewhere for the first two hours).

There was a brief business meeting at around 2 followed by the usual auction, the highlight of this (at least for me) was an unused light red/green No. 9 set still strung. 

Here are a few models that caught my eye:

Firstly a "Yellow Submarine" from the Rabbids series of kits (sadly I don't know who built this one). Those curved side plates might be useful...

Rabbids - Yellow Submarine

A rather interesting looking military vehicle by John Macdonald.

John MacDonald - Military Vehicle

A rather strange looking monorail system modelled by Greg Worwood.

Greg Worwood - Boynton Bicycle Railway

Tony Brown's Mack Wrecker complete with snowplough attachments.

Tony Brown - Mack Wrecker

Having built the crane from the Evolution series I was quite impressed by the transformation Colin Bull has made just by filling in the rear with a 4½ by 2½ inch plate.

Modified evolution crane

Well now, Evolution models are evolving! This splendid example is also from Colin Bull. The orange parts are, I believe, from the helicopter kit plus a few Colin resprayed.

Colin Bull - Extended evolution crane

Another view showing it ready to travel.

Colin Bull - Extended evolution crane

Here is an interesting triplane built using a mixture of 1930s aeroplane parts and conventional Meccano. (Again, I must apologise for not knowing whose model this is.)

An interesting triplane

Here are a few videos supplied by Tim Surtell:

James Plicio's HMS Voyager on a moving platform...

Two fun models from Roger Marriott…

A novel coin-operated "Nativity Scene".

An unusual "Money Box"?

That's all folks. If you have any details you would like me to add/correct just let me know.